Saturday, September 20, 2008

JEE 2010 Physics Friction 21 September Study Plan

21 September Physics Friction – Ch.6 Session 10

Based on Text: Concepts of Physics, H C Verma, Part I

Do exercise problems 26 to 30

Before doing problems do a quick revision of the chapter and formulas.

Friction chapter formula revision sheet

Friction Past JEE Problem

A force F is applied to a block of mass 2√3 kg as shown in the diagram. The coefficient of friction is 1/(2√3). What should be the maximum value of force so that the block does not move?

a. 10 N
b. 20 N
c. 30 N
d. 40 N


From earlier chapter Newton's Laws
Revise problems marked as difficult
If you have past JEE problems book go through problems related to the chapter.

Ask doubts if any in orkut community


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