Wednesday, September 3, 2008

4 September 2008 Mathematics - Permutations study session 3

8.6 Permutations of Objects not all Distinct
Theorem 1, 11 examples

8.7 Permutations when Objects can Repeat
1 theorem, 6 examples

8.8 Circular Permutations

1 theorem, 10 examples

In R D sharma examples themselves are more in number. Hence when studying the lesson, attempt all the examples and understand them first. Then you can take up exercises after the full lesson is over. you have around 13 days to problems in each chapter. Plan around 10 problems in the first 3 days and 5 problems in later 10 days you can do around 80 problems. If there is time pressure you can skip some problmes in exercise, which you can do later during revision. Remember you have to put in 10 hours effort per day. Planning the 10 hours and using time efficiently is your responsibility.

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