Monday, September 1, 2008

1 Sep 08 Chemistry States of Matter Session 1

States of Matter (Gaseous and Liquid States)

The main sections in the Chapter (5) of NCERT book are

5.1 Intermolecular forces
5.2 Thermal Energy
5.3 Intermolecular forces vs Thermal interactions
5.4 The Gaseous state
5.5 The Gas laws
5.6 Ideal gas equation
5.7 Kinetic molecular theory of gases
5.8 Behaviour of real gases
5.9 Liquifaction of gases

Liquid State
5.10 Liquid state

Session 1

5.1 Intermolecular forces
5.1.1 Dispersion forces or London forces
5.1.2 Dipole - Dipole forces
5.1.3 Dipole – Induced Dipole forces
5.1.4 Hydrogen bond

5.2 Thermal energy

I made a change in the lesson sequence as I thought following NCERT XI book chapters is more sensible. Hence I am indicating states of matter chapter.

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