Friday, September 19, 2008

IIT JEE 2010 Chemistry Study Plan 20 September

20 September Thermodynamics – Ch. 6 Session 9

All exercises in the chapter were completed yesterday.

Do a complete revision of the chapter for the day.

Do some revision of earlier chapter, states of matter. If you bought R.K. Mukherjee chemistry problems books, do problems from that on book in the chapter States of matter.

Past JEE Questions - thermodynamics

1. The total energy of one mole of an ideal monatomic gas at 27°C is __________ calories. (JEE 1984)

Answer (3/2)RT = (1.5 mol)[1.987 cal/ (K mol.)](300 K) = 894.15 cal.

2. A system is said to be ___________ , if it can neither exchange matter nor energy with the surroundings. (JEE 1993)

Past JEE Questions – States of Matter

1. The value of PV for 5.6 litres of an ideal gas is _________________ RT at STP.
(JEE 1987)

2. Eight grams of oxygen and hydrogen at 27°C will have the total kinetic energy in the ratio of __________________.
(JEE 1989)


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