Wednesday, September 24, 2008

IIT JEE 2010 Study Regularly with a Plan for Success

· Make a list of topics you have covered, arrange it in order of priority & follow this in order in your revision too.

· Make revision a part of your strategy for success

· Your revision should be completed well before your exams. Concentrate on the important topics, diagrams and formulae.

· Go through the summary and notes you have made while revising

· Practice Mathematics one hour every day to overcome the fear and anxiety.

· Practice old question papers. These give you a clear clue as to what examiners generally look for.

· Memorize essential facts and formulas. Study essential facts and formulas more intensely so that you can recollect them better.

· Writing an answer is the best way to revise. Write out likely questions and answer them

· Make up questions that you think could be on the exam day and try to answer them.

· Avoid looking for reasons not to do work

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