Thursday, October 2, 2008

JEE 2010 Mathematics Day Study Plan 2-October

2 October 2008 Mathematics New Chapter Determinants Study session 1
Based on the Text: Objective Mathematics by R D Sharma

Chapter 12 Determinants

12.1 Definitions
12.2 Singular matrix
12.3 Minors and cofactors
12.4 properties of determinants
12.5 Evaluation of determinants
12.6 Evaluation of determinants using factor theorem
12.7 Product of determinants
12.8 Differentiation of determinants
12.9 Application of determinants to coordinate geometry
12.10 Application of determinants in solving a system of linear equations

We will take up sections 12.1 to 12.7 in this year.

Study section 12.1 today. There are three examples in this section

In the previous chapter Binomial theorem do problems

Practice exercise problems 16 to 20 (There are a total of 57 problems in this exercise)

Any doubt regarding the chapters raise it in the JEE academy orkut community.

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