Monday, October 20, 2008

IIT JEE 2010 Study Plan for 22 - 31, October 2008

NCERT and Dr. Jauhar

Unit 12. Organic Chemistry Some Basic Principles and techniques

New Chapter
Unit. 13 Hydrocarbons – Alkanes

RD Sharma

33. Elementary trigonometry

New Chapter
34. Solution of triangles and other applications of trigonometry

HC Verma

18. Geometrical optics

New Chapter
19. Optical instruments

In the chapter to be revised do around 2 to 5 problems depending on the time required and read quickly revision point,and formulas. You can also plan for revision of one section each day. Providing 20 days contact with each chapter in this way will deepen your familiarity with the chapter.

Remember your commitment for a day has to be 10 hours. So depending upon the assignments from your college and coaching institute, you have time at your disposal to read materials from other books, to revision the lessons more times so that your memory improves etc. Don't allow the time to go away without productive use for your goal for this two year period.

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