Thursday, October 2, 2008

Daily Study - Focus on Important Points

The expectation is that JEE aspirants study for 10 hours a day.
Include your college time and coaching class time in it.
I am giving a schedule of new material that you have to cover every day. Even though I might think it will take an hour every day for each subject, the actual time may vary.
In the remaining time, you have to revise old lessons, attempt some new problems available in other texts, do homework as assigned by the college and coaching classes. You have to plan and manage the time to cover every day new material, revise old material and complete all the assigned work.


I feel every hour, you can focus on three points from the subject. This way in a day you can easily focus on around 40 points. This could be a easy way of learning also.

When you are sitting and listening in a class pick out an important point at the beginning of the class from the material being taught in the class. In the middle of the lecture pick one more point. In the end of the lecture pick one more point. By doing this at the end of the hour, you will have three points which you can recollect more easily. From brain, material comes out by association. When you recall one point easily more points that were covered in the class follow them.

Having a policy of thinking about three points every hour will help you to accumulate the wealth of knowledge in a very easy way.

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