Thursday, October 2, 2008

IIT JEE 2010 Chemistry Study Plan 2-October 2008

2 October 2008 New chapter Chapter S-Block Elements Session 1
Based on NCERT BOOK, Class XI, Part II, Unit 10

Study Sections in the chapter

10.1 Group 1 elements
10.1.1 Electronic configuration
10.1.2 Atomic and Ionic Radii
10.1.3 Ionization Enthalpy
10.1.4 Hydration enthalpy
10.1.5 Physical Properties
10.1.6 Chemical Properties
10.1.7 Uses

Study example problems 10.1 and 10.2.2008

10.1 What is the oxidation state of K in KO2?

The superoxide species is represented as O2-.
Since the compound is neutral, therefore, the oxidation state of potassium is +1.

10.2 The EΘ of Cl2/Cl- is +1.36.
For I2/I- is +0.53.
For Na+/Na is -2.71.
For Li+/Li it is -3.04.
Arrange the following ionic species in decreasing order of reducing strength:

I-, Ag, Cl-, Li, Na

Answer: Li>Na> I- >Ag>Cl-

Answer Exercise question 1.

Revise two exercise questions from P-Block chapter
Revise the P-Block Elements chapter


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