Saturday, April 25, 2009

IIT JEE 2010 Study Plan for May 2009

You have to start study of XII class portion from 1 May 2009. The first in depth reading of the entire portion must be over by 31st December 2009. Then you can revise and do many test papers from 1st January 2010.

You have to read every line and do every question and problem in the text books that you have selected.

I selected Jauhar for Chemistry, R D Sharma for Mathematics and H C Verma for Physics. All these books have large number of examples and practice problems. You have to do each one of them by 31st December. I prepared a full annual plan for each subject and from those annual plans I am writing here the plan for May 2009. The link will take you a detailed chapter plan where I tried to give the section you have to study in a day and the questions/problems you have to answer. Give any commnets of your there or here about the plan and required adjustments to the plan.

EAch subject requires one hour of fresh chapter study and half an hour of revision of earlier chapter. Thus 3 subjects require 4 and half hours every day. In addition spend around half an hour everday for XI portion revision.


5. First Law of Thermodynamics and Chemical Energetics - Spend one and half hours on the chapter in the first 10 days and complete first 15 days portion in 10 days.

8. Equilibrium II – Ionic Equilibrium in Solutions

Slightly adjust the given plan and complete the basic study in 10 days. I shall post the adjusted plan in this blog myself

10. Principles and Processes of Extraction of Elements

The chapter main study can be done in six days. So you can do these three chapters in this month. Don't waste any planned time. Minimum one hour per main study and half an hour for revision of the earlier chapter by studying concepts and formulas or by doing problems and questions.

All the best. Become knowledgeable. Show it whenever needed.


11.Matrices XII (some portion)

12. Determinants XII (Some portion)

15 The Circle


7. Circular motion

8. Work and energy

9. Centre of mass, linear momentum, collision

Links will be given for the two chapers of Mathematics

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