Saturday, April 18, 2009

IIT JEE 2010 - Physics - Portion Planned in 08-09

Chapters to be covered during XI class (2008-09) from H C Verma
1. Introduction to physics
2. Physics and mathematics
3. Rest and motion
4. The Forces
5. Newton’s laws of motion
6. Friction
15. Wave motion
16. Sound waves
18. Geometrical optics
19. Optical instruments
29. Electric field and potential
32. Electric current in conductors
34. Magnetic field
35. Magnetic effect of electric current
36. Permanent magnets
37. Electromagnetic waves

The above chapters were planned based on two lines of thought.
One was the syllabus of XI class of Maharashtra board.
Second as I started the plan at the fag end of August, I could not assume that many chapters were covered by the candidates.

This year as I posted the plan for JEE 2011 now itself I can assume that studies will start from May 2010. So less number of chapters were planned by me during 09-10. That will put some pressure now in this year. Candidates who studied only these chapters or less than these chapters have to put in special efforts to complete the required number of chapters in this year. You can definitely put in special efforts if you are thorough with your XI portion by now. Any candidate who is confident of writing JEE today in the XI portion will have tremendous enthusiasm for studying XII portion and acquire the same mastery. Do not lose time. Apply yourself to the mastery of XI portion. That will give you the momentum for the XII portion.

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