Friday, January 23, 2009

Revision for the Board Examinations - From last week of January

Today (24 Jan 2009) Mint paper carried an article titled Tricks from Tutors.
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Some suggestions

If you are academically bright student, the next couple of weeks is the time for you to concentrate on concepts that you have not revised earlier. Don't waste time revisiting waht you alread know.

Weaker students have to revise what they know and perfect that.

If you have to appear for competitive examinations, devote 20% of time to prepare for these examinations until mid-February.

5 R's for success: Reorganize, Revise, Rest, Relax and Reassure

Reorganize: Collect and organize you study material for each retrieval.

Connect the course content to everyday ideas to have a greater recall. Try acronyms, mnemonics, rhymes that associate with the concepts.

I personally advocate somebody in the family asking some questions everyday. When you are not able to answer, revise the topic and natural association between that event and the topic will be there.

First understand and then memorize. If you memorize without understanding, examination anxiety may prevent you from recollecting it.

Practice writing answers and attempt some mock tests. It will tell you how much time you are taking to write answers.

Have a timetable for a day, but be flexible around it. Don't get stressed. You may stretch on a day or slightly relax on another day. Stay refreshed and start everyday with enthusiasm.

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