Friday, January 30, 2009

February 2009 Study Plan - IIT JEE 2010

Concentrate on board examination revision. Plan to do board examinations exceptionally well. That will give you confidence to prepare well for JEE. Study well and plan to remember things for a long time. You are not studying just for a day of examination. You are studying to remember it for one more year. You have to keep on reminding yourself that point.

It will be good to spare half an hour every day to remember things studied any where from one year back till yesterday randomly. Such an exercise might improve the capability of brain to recollect things in the examination hall suddenly when you have to answer a question.

By April End you must complete study of full XI portion for JEE examination. You must have solved all the problems in H C Verma, R D Sharma and Chemistry Book. Any shortfalls, take up the subjects immediately after school examinations and finish all the problems by April end.

Take up study of XII class portion from May 2009. Wiil give you 8 months to complete the XII portion and related JEE portion. From January 2010 you should be in revision mode for board examination and JEE examination.

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