Tuesday, December 29, 2009

IIT JEE Chemistry Concepts Revision Materials

Best Wishes for Happy and Succesful 2010


December is coming to an end in three more days. Your basic study plan and revision are over. Now you are in the last leg of the race. You need to prepare for your board examination and JEE simulataneously.

Have the attitude that preparation for any examination is beneficial to the other examination. If you prepare for boards, it is useful in JEE. If you prepare for JEE it is useful for Boards. Don't see any conflict between the two. See the synergy between them. Your knowledge accumulated till now will be further deepened and strengthened and made more easy for recall with your preparation in this last leg of January 2010 till the JEE examination.

Always feel increase in your confidence. With each day you are becoming better and better.

As it is more easy to prepare full list of contents on knol I created the full list of revision points for each chapter of Chemistry (core points as well as detailed topic wise points) on knol platform.

Visit this link
IIT JEE Chemistry Concepts Revision Materials

The links bring you to this blog only. Go to that page, use right clicks to see the topics you want to see.

Plan to revise at least one chapter each day.

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