Friday, July 31, 2009

IIT JEE 2010 Study Plan - August 2009


August 2009

5. Electrochemistry

6. Chemical Kinetics


25. Maxima and Minima XII

26. Indefinite Integrals XII (Some portion)


20. Dispersion and spectra

23. Heat and Temperature
24. Kinetic theory of Gases

To get a rank in JEE you have to compete with others. But first compete with yourself. Everyday set a target and achieve it. Feel very happy when you achieve your day's target. That gives a great relief and you will feel very relaxed and all the stress related to the studies will go away. You will have a good sleep and you will be ready for the next day with renewed enthusiasm.

As you win the battle with daily plan on many days, you will be very confident to face others on the examination day. You confidence is the main determinant of your performance. Don't think of luck. Think of your ability that you developed with your effort for many days. Your ability and confidence is the first thing. God's blessings are the next. The combination gives victory. You take care of your ability and confidence. God always helps the better prepared.

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