Monday, December 8, 2008

Revision Facilitators for Mathematics XI portion

Chapters from JEE syllabus to be completed in Class XI (2008-09)

1. Complex numbers

2. Theory of equations

3. Progressions

4. Logarithms

5. Permutations and combinations

6. Binomial theorem

7. Matrices (some portion)

8. Determinants (some portion)

9. Inequalities

10. Elementary trigonometry

11. Solution of triangles and other applications of trigonometry

12. Inverse trigonometric functions

13. Straight line

14. Vectors (some portion)

15. Functions

16. Limits and continuity

17. Differentiation

18. Integration (some portion)

I am presently working on preparing revision facilitators for various chapters of mathematics. By month end I shall prepare them for all chapters in mathematics.

I look at each chapter in three components

Unsolved problems

You have to master one to go to the next level. Understand the principles thorougly first, then go through the examples. Absorb the example and then solving a new problem is relatively easy. Solve some problems in your textbook, you can solve problems in test papers relatively easily.

As you complete all the problems in your text, you are ready for the big one.

Use the revision facilitators to test your recollecting capability of principles.

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