Saturday, November 22, 2008

IIT JEE 2010 November 21-30, Study Plan

Fresh chapters

1. Chemistry

Aromatic compounds

2. Mathematics

Vectors (some portion)

3. Physics

Magnetic field

Revision of earlier period chapters


15. Alkynes


13. Straight line


32. Electric current in conductors

I am busy in creating revision facilitators for various chapters for JEE 2009. It is taking a lot of time and hence not giving more details here. Once I complete the work I shall come back to JEE 2010. I hope all the materials that I now create will be more useful to JEE 2010 as there will be time to improve them and make them more useful.

Give your comments at your convenience in the blog or in the orkut community.
Orkut community IIT JEE Academy is going to reach another milestone figure of 150.

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