Sunday, June 15, 2008

Commit yourself to 10 hours Learning Every Day

Getting a rank in IIT JEE declares to yourself and the world that you are in the top 5000 students at the end of intermediate or 10 plus 2 stage in India.

To achieve that coveted status, you have to commit yourself to 10 learning time every day. You can count your college attendance time, coaching institute attendance time and your study time for that.

Attend your college, and coaching classes regularly. Commit yourself to 100 per cent attendance without fail. Your top most commitment must be to attend classes. All other things are second priority. When classes are there you are not going to take up any other activity except your physical sickness or some emergency in the house where your services are specifically demanded by your parents.

Your personal study time can be managed more flexibly. But be committed to compensate for any skipped hours within the same week.

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